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Have you ever?

Have you ever looked at a piece of fabric and realized that it created a particular mood or feeling within you? Well I have! I like to say that in these moments the fabric is speaking to me. Its telling me what it wants to be. Maybe curtains or pillow covers for my window seats perhaps a dress for my daughter or joggers for my son. There will always be beautiful fabrics but shades of blue in particular speak to me...and loud 😊 As I grow in my creative journey I've learned to listen to the fabrics and make them what they want to be. Never forcing on print to do what it was never created to do but to allow them to speak for themselves. This Blue and Orange Ankara Malkia Silk wants to be a tent dress! I mean why not start now right! Soon enough it will be warm and sunny here and a girl can never go wrong with a long flowy dress. She spoke and I will listen.

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